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Financial Overview

Financing Program Overview


The New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program (NJEIFP) is a partnership between the NJ Environmental Infrastructure Trust (NJEIT) and the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). A number of program changes have been implemented to simplify the application process. Most recently, loan application deadlines have been removed.

NJEIFP eligibility consists of two components: (1) The project Sponsor must (a) be either a local government unit or hold a permit to operate a public water system and (b) satisfy the program’s credit worthiness requirements; and (2) the project must (a) be a clean water or drinking water project as set forth in the Program Funding Tab above and (b) satisfy NJEIFP program requirements. The above determinations are made upon consideration of relevant application information, submitted by Sponsors through the NJEIFP’s online application system, H2LOans.

Using H2LOans:

  • Step 1: Watch the tutorial here.
  • Step 2: To create an H2LOans account, the project sponsor’s Authorized Official will call the NJEIT at 609-219-8601.
  • Step 3: Once an account login and password have been created, the Authorized Official can access the Sponsor’s H2LOans account using the login box at the home page or
  • Step 4: Upon login, the Authorized Official will be provided with additional information as to the designation of an Authorized Representative (create/submit applications) and Collaborators (contribute to document content).

NJEIFP Loan Application Process

Black - Application/Document Submission     Blue - Approval/Certification     Green - Loan Closing

Submission (1)
Project Information
Short-Term Loan FAF
Certification 1 Short-Term Loan Closing* (3)
Letter of Intent (Environmental Planning Document)
Construction Application
Engineering Plans and Specifications
Certification 2**
Deadline Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable

* Environmental Planning Funding
** Construction Funding

Interest Rates

Short-term loan interest rates are 0% for terms up to three fiscal years. Long-term loan interest rates vary but the majority are equal to 25% of the market rate. The effective interest rate for a majority of long-term loans issued in May of 2016 was 0.59% for terms of up to 30 years.