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Setup H2LOans Account


Welcome to H2LOans: a web-based loan system organized in a manner similar to the SAGE system utilized by various New Jersey State agencies in their interactions with municipalities wherein, each project sponsoring organization has an Authorized Official, who designates an Authorized Representative for each project who in turn identifies Collaborators for those projects (please see descriptions below).

NOTE - Authorized Officials are the ONLY individuals granted the ability by the NJEIT to create an account for each project sponsoring organization.

Authorized Official
Due to security reasons, to set up an account, the Authorized Official MUST contact the Trust at 609-219-8601 to have their name and organization set up in the H2LOans system. Only a full-time employee of a project sponsor/applicant’s organization, who is authorized to obligate the organization, may set up an account for that organization. The Authorized Official designates the sponsoring organization’s internal Project Manager (Authorized Representative)

We recommend that all potential Authorized Officials watch a short tutorial video here.

Authorized Representative
Authorized Representatives are designated by the Authorized Official and will be notified via e-mail of their designation as well as provided with a link with instructions on how to logon to H2LOans and activate their account. Authorized Representatives function as the project manager and must be full-time employees of their sponsoring organization. They are responsible for designating Collaborators and submitting any uploaded and final documentation.

We recommend that all Authorized Representatives watch a short tutorial video here here prior to logging onto the web-based H2LOans system for the first time.

Collaborators are designated by an Authorized Representative and will receive an email from the system notifying them of their designation as well as provided with a link with instructions on how to logon to H2LOans and activate their account. Collaborators include any individual involved in a project who is to have access to the on-line H2LOans system to facilitate the design, construction, financial or legal work associated with such project.

Getting started with H2LOans

  • Step 1: Watch the tutorial here.
  • Step 2: To create an H2LOans account, the project sponsor’s Authorized Official will call the NJEIT at 609-219-8601.
  • Step 3: Once an account login and password have been created, the Authorized Official can access the Sponsor’s H2LOans account using the login box at the home page or
  • Step 4: Upon login, the Authorized Official will be provided with additional information as to the designation of an Authorized Representative (create/submit applications) and Collaborators (contribute to document content).